Your apps will obey the same cache headers that a browser will, which are set by your web server. It may take a few minutes, but will eventually update properly. This makes updating your apps very easy, as you will just need to update your regular website. 

If you are having trouble seeing the changes in your app, please first wait a few minutes, as often browser caches do have a short delay in updating from the server. Please also try refreshing the page to load the new content. 

If after some time you have not seen the changes, you may want to inspect the cache headers that your webserver is sending, which are likely telling the app to cache the resource much longer than intended. 

Some other strategies include using suffixes on resource files on your website, such as application_782374982.js, where the number gets updated every time you update that file. This forces the browser and your apps to retrieve that new resource file directly from the server. 

You may also completely uninstall and reinstall the app to force a clearing of all cached data for your app. 

We do have an extra configuration option on Android only to clear the Webview cache every time the app is exited. To enable this feature, you must add "androidClearCache" : true under "general" section in appConfig.json, or in Import/Export section when editing your app.

Finally, we provide a NativeJS Bridge command to clear cache via javascript:

If the problems persist even after all of these steps, please contact us and we can help get everything working for you.