Unlike for Android where you can directly download and install your Android APK onto your device, Apple makes this process a bit more complex on iOS. In fact, there is no way to directly download your iOS app from GoNative and get it running on your iOS device.

In order to install your iOS app onto your device, the app must be built from source code in Xcode which is a program provided by Apple that runs only on Mac computers. You must also have a valid Apple developer account.

When your app is published in the Apple App Store, everyone will be able to easily download it from there. However prior to publishing, if you want to test your app on your device, it must be properly provisioned and signed in order for it to be installed on a test device. This is a requirement from Apple, and it applies to all iOS apps developed in any way.

First, you must register your test device's UDID, and add it to the development provisioning profile you create for your app. You can do this at developer.apple.com.

Next, you may download the iOS source code from your app's manage page. Uncompress the ios_source.tar.gz file (you might use tar -xzvf ios_source.tar.gz using Terminal on Mac OSX). In Xcode, please make sure your Apple developer account is added to Xcode under Preferences. Then, you may follow the directions at https://support.gonative.io/help/how-do-i-build-the-ios-app-from-source-code.

Can GoNative do this for me?

Yes! GoNative offers a publishing service (more info at on our pricing page), which includes on-device testing prior to publishing.