This article relates only to updating an existing app in the Google Play Store. If you are publishing your app as a new app listing, the following does not apply. 

If you already have a published Android app in the Google Play Store, and would like to update it with an app built with GoNative, Google requires that every new updated build is "signed" by the same "keystore" file as the original. 

Ideally, you already have this "keystore" file, also called "release.keystore", "signing certificate", or "JKS". If not, you may need to reach out to the development team, or vendor, you used for your original app. It is our strong opinion that any reputable shop will willingly provide this keystore file to you, no questions asked. 

In the event this is not possible, your best option might be to publish your Android app as a new app store listing. 

GoNative will provide the Android keystore file used to sign your Android APK for any app that you have published under a valid license.